Death Korps of Krieg Commissar


After the anxiety passes from seeing the approach of an unmistakable Commissar uniform, the most obvious feature that people take notice of when they see Commissar 314159-265359, or Heinrich as he was called by his parents, is the large respirator that remains fixed to his face. The next thing they notice is the acrid pungent odor that fills the nostrils of those near him everywhere he goes. It emanates from the Commissar’s ornate overcoat whose fabric is impregnated with a myriad of salves and balms to protect against a number of environmental and weaponized disasters.


Heinrich was born in one of the innumerable underground bunkers on the atomic deathworld of Krieg. His parents were middling level Imperial officers of little note, they were killed in service of the Imperium before memories of them could solidify in his mind. As a result, he was recruited into the Schola Progenium. His general demeanor and aptitudes led his instructors to put him on the path to becoming a Commissar. Upon graduation, Heinrich was sent back to Krieg, under the assumption that the overzealous tendencies of the Death Korps had been tamed, and that a native Commissar might hold the regiments officers in check with greater ease.

This is where Heinrich became Commissar 314159-265359. Slowly over the next two decades, the stern but green Commissar was influenced by the number of guardsmen that fell under his purview. He stopped using his given name, outside of when it was unavoidable. He kept true to the Korps’ traditions of never removing his respirator, even in what passes for safe environments. Although he remained true to his Commissar training, and managed a number of campaigns without the expected overwhelming losses that are the Death Korps signature, their zealous devotion to the God-Emperor became ingrained in his personality. It was this tempered zeal, and steadfast execution of duties that initially caught an Inquisitor’s eye.


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