Requiring utmost skill and experience, this technique enables the psyker to enter into another mind and completely reprogram the contents, insidiously reshaping its memories and experiences as he desires. This can be something as simple as an engram designed to fool casual searches by other telepaths, or something more crafted and elaborate to remake an entire personality and constructed as “false self” the unfortunate victim will believe to be true.

The briefest expression of this power takes 2d5 rounds. The psyker must win an opposed willpower test against the victim, delving deeper into the target’s mind with every two degrees of success. If the target winds, he rejects the reprogramming and forces the psyker out ending the procedure and inflicting a fatigue level on the psyker, who may not re-attempt this technique for 1d5 hours. This is also not a gentle process, and the target will be aware that his mind is being reordered until the reprogramming is successful, at which point the reprogramming itself will be forgotten as an event, buried deep in the subject’s unconscious mind. For every 2 psy-rating the psyker uses, he gains a +10 bonus to the opposed willpower test. The effects of reprogramming are permanent unless they are forcibly broken down (see the danger of paradox section). At the end of this process the psyker’s results depend on the amount of successes he has achieved.

Major Reprogramming: Given extensive time, effort, and the malign to do so, a psyker with this power can freely implant a complete new personality, restructure memories, counterfeit experience, and implant hate with this ability. However, the level of effort and detailed attention required to do this without overtaxing the psyker and driving the subject mad is far beyond most immediate game use, and requires a minimum of 2d10 hours.

The Danger of Paradox: The mind is a complex thing, and a reprogrammed individual-if faced with evidence of the truth, or major discrepancies between what he has been manipulated into believing and the facts-may break through his reprogramming. If the GM judges such an event occurs, the victim must succeed at a hard(-20) willpower test. If succeesful, the mental reprogramming breaks down. If the test is failed, the victim goes on believing what he has been manipulated into thinking is the truth. In either case the mental strain inflicts 1d10 insanity points on the subject.


The Ordos Brot