Ecclesiarchical Quotes


Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer

Death in service to the Emperor is its own reward. Life in failure to Him is its own condemnation. (Uriah Jacobus)

A single man with faith can triumph over a legion of the faithless. Untold billions of the faithful can never be opposed. (Sebastian Thor)

Unfortunately, duty and fear often follow the same path. We must follow the one, and conquer the other. (Ephrael Stern)

I will steal from the plate of decadence to feed the mouths of the powerless. (Sebastian Thor)

Light your way in the darkness with the pyres of burning heretics.

Seek not escape from misery in death for He That Is Most Mighty gathers not the Selfish Dead to his side.

A spiritu dominatus,
Domine, libra nos,
From the lighting and the tempest,
Our Emperor, deliver us.

From plague, temptation and war,
Our Emperor, deliver us,
From the scourge of the Kraken,
Our Emperor, deliver us.

From the blasphemy of the Fallen,
Our Emperor, deliver us,
From the begetting of daemons,
Our Emperor, deliver us,

From the curse of the mutant,
Our Emperor, deliver us,
A morte perpetua,
Domine, libra nos.

That thou wouldst bring them only death,
That thou shouldst spare none,
That thou shouldst pardon none
We beseech the, destroy them.
-(commonly known as the Battle-prayer of the Adepta Sororitas)

Ecclesiarchical Quotes

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