You can use the Chem-Use skill to handle and prepare chemicals safely, especially toxins, poisons, and drugs. Chem-Use covers the use and manufacture of toxins and it can also be used to identify a variety of chemicals (investigation use).

To prepare or apply a chemical, you must succeed at a Chem-Use Test, with modifiers determined by the GM. On a failed test the chemical is wasted. If you fail by five or more degrees, you accidentally poison yourself or overdose. See chapter V: Armoury for more information on chemicals and their effects.

When using a toxin wand or administering an antidote, the time taken to do so is halved with a successful Chem-Use Test.

A Chem-Use Test to administer a chemical is a Full Action.

Using Chem-Use to manufacture toxins utilizes the rules for crafting items as described on page 96


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