When you make lt Blather Test, you stall for time by running off at the mouth, spewing a stream of words and nonsense in an attempt to confuse and distract others. A Blather Test is always Opposed by your target’s Willpower (or Scrutiny). If you succeed and the target fails, the target is distracted by you and can do nothing for one Round, staring dumbfounded and wondering if you are drunk, crazy or both. For every degree of success, you dumbfound the target for an additional Round.

If your target succeeds and you fail, or if you both fail, your attempt at verbal acrobatics f.1ils and the target may act normally. In the case where you both succeed, the character that had the most degrees of success determines the outcome.

You can also use Blather against multiple opponents. For similar opponents-those that have the sa general Characteristics-make a Blat Test as normal, butt he GM rolls just o Willpower Test. If you win the Oppo Test, you affect a number of targets equal to your Fellowship Bonus.

NPCs, while confused by your bam arc unaffected by your words if they a in obvious danger or if it is clear th arc preparations being made to ha them. The target must understand t language you arc speaking or the t automatically fails-you cannot, fi instance, usc this Skill against animals.. A Blather Test is a Full Action.


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