Sun Chu Sing

Adeptus Astra Telepathica Transcendent


A mostly average man, Sun stands five feet ten inches, and weighs no more than 10 stone. The features that stand out are his complete lack of hair, and two empty eye sockets. His usual attire consists of tattered blue or gray robes, and a blue blindfold with the Adeptus Astra Telepathica symbol sewn on and set between his eyes. He walks with the aid of a staff with an Aquila resting on the top.


Born on the small agricultural world of Iocanthus. Sun would run through the ghostfire poppy fields and play with the other small boys. However, life on Iocanthus was not all fun and frolic, Sun was expected to fight his way to manhood, as all the children were in the warrior based society of Iocanthus. Survival until the formative years was not guaranteed.

As an adolescent, Sun was pressed into the service of the local Warlord, as all boys of his age from this region were. It was then that he began his formal training with weapons, mostly a standard las pistol and sword, he would never get the chance to be trained with larger weapons. It was at this time that the first signs of warp sensitivity began to emerge. Wise men in the local warlord’s court urged him to surrender Sun to “King” Skull to be transferred to the black ships that made regular rounds to the planet.

It was only a few months before the grey robed men of the black ships arrived to gather the most recent crop of psychically active Iocanthians. These new, grey cloaked men and women would now be his brutal tutors. Trained in ways of resisting possession by warp entities, and corruption that can be caused by meddling in the warp. They also honed his psychic techniques to better suit the Imperium’s needs. With time, Sun proved himself of sufficient will to under go the ritual of soul binding, and he was taken to Holy Terra. Brought before the Emperor himself, and infused with the Emperor’s holy light.

Sun Chu Sing

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