Player Name Character Name Gender Career Path Rank
Kazic Stigatus Male Explorator 1
Age Home World Divination Quirk Skin Colour
x x x x x
Height Weight Build Hair Colour Eye Colour
x x x x x


Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill
35 35
Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
25 27 33 40 37 31 27

Basic Skills

Skill Name Characteristic Trained + 10% +20%
Awareness Perception
Barter Fellowship
Carouse Toughness
Climb Strength
Concealment Agility
Contortionist Agility
Deceive Fellowship
Disguise Perception
Dodge Agility
Evaluate Intelligence
Gamble Intelligence
Inquiry Fellowship
Intimidate Strength
Logic Intelligence
Scrutiny Perception
Search Perception
Silent Move Agility
Swim Strength

Advanced Skills

Skill Name Characteristic Trained + 10% +20%
x x x x x

Talents And Traits

  • Melee Weapon Training: example
  • Pistol Weapon Training: example
  • Basic Weapon Training: example

Psychic Powers

Psychic Discipline:

  • Minor Power:
  • Minor Power:
  • Discipline Power:


  • __
  • __



The Ordos Kazic