The Ordos

Late for the Lathe

After months of waiting a Mechanicum revcovery ship arrives in orbit. The ship is immense and even from the surface you can see it drifting high above you.
The week is a flurry of activity as the Menials and Tech Priests of Legio Venator erect the gargantuan recovery lifter around the frame of the titan, each restraining bolt blessed and sanctified before coming into contact with the God-Machine.

In the final days you are herded aboard a bulk lifter and brought aboard the Mechanicum ship “Glorious Legacy”

  • Commissar 314159 stalks the ruins of the cathedral for the week somewhat in awe of the sheer magnitude of activity in the grounds
    The ship is a model of efficiency and your rooms fit the typical mechanicum style… they are small, spartan, and uniformly uncomfortable. Late in the preparation you watch in awe from the observation ports as the venerable Pax Macharius is brought aboard into the single largest hanger bay you have ever seen.
  • Stigatus has seen bigger
  • Reestheus whistles.
  • Stigatus querrys if there is a magos biologis aboard by chance
  • Sun Chu Sing as the Pax Macharius is brought aboard the Glorious Legacy “I wonder how long it will be, before this magnificent thing is once again smiting the enemies of the Emperor.”

“Some time I suspect, few conflicts are worthy of its radiance”
Once you arrive on the ship Stigatus dissapears, returning a few days later with a slight limp but no longer requiring a conveyance to move about

  • Commissar 314159 stares out of the port from behind his respirator’s glass, remaining silent for the duration of the event
  • Thracia stands with the others. An observant member of the cadre would notice that the string of adamantine beads hanging from her waist has grown noticably longer by a half-dozen beads.
  • Reestheus sits trying to read a book “borrowed” from Atella.
  • Sun Chu Sing heads to his quarters after the titan is brought aboard the ship.
    You say to the GMs: should I go looking for someone about my knowledge, or will someone be about
    the journey to the Titan Legion homeworld of Opus Macharius is scheduled to take just over a month. However after several jumps, Sun Chu Sign becomes disquieted in his meditations
  • Reestheus claps Sun on the shoulder. “How goes it my… ‘observant’ companion?”
  • Thracia spends the vast majority of her time either in militaristic training exercise, personal meditation, or watching the Pax Macharius in its vast hold.
  • Commissar 314159 makes an effort to observe Sun, much the same was as he did all the cadre on Scintilla
    Three weeks into the journey you are summoned to a non-descript meeting room in the bowls of the ship by a scroll bearing the seal of the Hi Magos of the ship

Hi Magos! sundays on NBC
when everyone has arrived, an arcane device in the center of the table comes to life and a hololithic display appears.
“Greetings.” the hololith entones flatly. “To the most trusted servants of the God Emperor and to the glory of the Machine God we bequeeth the following orders that you might serve and hold back the darkness of heresy another day.”

  • Stigatus bows his head in reverence
  • Thracia stands near the door, fully decked in her carapace, arms folded as if standing guard.
    Item the first: Inquisitorial accolytes should locate the source of anomalous aetheric signals eminating from a cloud of comets that surround the Mechanicum domain of the Lathes.

I think I understood about half of that

The Lathes?

“silence when you’re betters are talking”


  • Thracia is largely rhetorical in her question.
    Item the second: Should the source prove man-made, as is suspected, the Acolytes should infiltrate it and discover its source and intent.
  • Reestheus shrugs and shuts up.
    Item the third: If the originators of the aforementioned source have goals which run counter to the goals of the Mechanicum and the will of the God Emperor’s Inquisition, they should eliminate this risk at all cost.
    Addendum: The Acolyte’s patron has requested that certian material made available to them to ensure efficincy in achieving stated goals.
  • Thracia tilts her head slightly, inquisitevly at this last bit.
    The Accolytes shall have access to one Velon pattern stealth guncutter to use for reconnacance and infiltration.
    Order Militant personel shall be equipped with relics befitting their rank from stocks currently under transfer to inquisitorial stocks on Scintilla.
  • Reestheus mouth begins to water.
    All previously assigned weapons and equipment will be issued appropriate munitions and supplies allowing for combat operations in extreme conditions.
    prepare for immediate debarkaction. May the Machine God be with you.
    The device on the table folds into itself and the servo skull which led your here waits expectantly near the door.

“Do you believe our “Patrion” to be Marr?"

It would seem so.

“I find it unusual, although not unheard of for the inquisition to involve itself in Mechanicus domains.”

  • Commissar 314159 clears his throat and speaks, “Let us hope so.”
  • Stigatus gestures to the door

“After you, My body has not yet submitted itself to the glory of the machine, and I may lag behind slightly”

Sun Chu Sing:
(If we’re going to the lathe system, I was a lathe blade

  • Commissar 314159 approaches Stigatus, “Tech-Priest, before we disembark, you should gather one of yours disposed towards record keeping. I have the battle history of the Pax Macharius in my head, and since it won’t be guaranteed that I return…”

“They do not hand them out link trinkets from some peddlers booth”

You say to the GMs: Do I get reloads for the new one too?
You say to the GMs: pistol

Right, so, what are we doing and who are we killing?

“We’re to investigate signals coming from space near the domains of the lathes, more that then is for us to determi”
You say to the GMs: Also not sure what’s what on the battle roll thing
You say to the GMs: not sure if kazic even saw
You are getting armor and a bolt rifle or armor and a chainsword/boltpistol

Sun Chu Sing:
(Did they repair our armor, for those of us that aren’t getting new shit)

  • Reestheus frowns “Sounds exciting.”
    You say to the GMs: Can I trade my battle roll knowledge for a power sword. Not in a I won’t give it anyway sort of thing, but in a way of subtle suggestion of, hey it’s great I’ve got this stuff for you guys… don’t suppose you’ve got since you asked, kinda thing

Commissar 314159:
Will take the hot shot I suppose

Commissar 314159:
(anything to come of this battle history thing)

  • Thracia clanks through the corridors to the cutter.
    go right ahead


Sun Chu Sing: &source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=-6U-5zBOwpg2lM&tbnid=Xtoq697dZl7NsM:&ved=0CAUQjRw&,d.dmQ&psig=AFQjCNHu59JlegF7I0FvZ1LYdmvDzL-1VQ&ust=1367039177402887

  • Thracia greets the cadre as they gather at the cutter. The observant will notice that she is in new armor, has a chainsword strapped to her back, and an ornate bolt pistol hanging at her side, hung with a prayer ribbon.
  • Reestheus tugs at the collar of his carapace armor while holding the small pack of his belongings.

Time in the armor will toughen your flesh, Reestheus. And in Service to the Faith, it will purify your soul. Blessed is the man who suffers in the Service of the Emperor.

  • Commissar 314159 nods to the assembled cadre when he arrives at the hangar, largely unchanged from the last time he was seen.

As always Sister, your tender words soothe my worries away.

My purpose is not to soothe you, Reestheus. There are other methods to soothe you.

  • Reestheus arches an eyebrow, then decides not to ask Thracia about the specifics.



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